What is HIP?

HIP HIP is a Windows-based simple and highly configurable system that can allow you complete control of up to 81 different applications with a minimum of keys (all of which may be customised). Originally written to replace the software that was supplied to control the remote control of the Vision Plus DTV card, the system has grown to allow users a variety of interfaces which provides system control when a keyboard or mouse is not available particularly for Home Theatre PC (HTPC) users.

How does HIP work?

First HIP needs to receive a command. Many remote controls and keyboard use the Windows device called the Human Interface Parser which converts commands sent by Infrared into keyboard commands. HIP can process these pseudo-keystrokes, actual keystrokes or from other supported devices such as the Tira, USBUIRT, IRMan, ATI/X10 Remotes, HID devices (for much greater reliability) and even from the www. When a key or command is received by HIP, the input is compared with a table of user-defined values and changed if necessary before sending it on to the application.

Hip Flow

HIP Special Features

In particular, HIP offers the following features:

  • Compatible with all recent versions of Windows including Vista, and Windows 7
  • Quick and easy to configure and use
  • Automatically reassign keys for applications
  • Start applications if they are not running, or show them if they are
  • Optional On Screen Display, and other audio and visual alerts
  • Basic Audio Controls
  • 2-Way Girder Interface
  • Optimised for HTPC configuration
  • Support a number of external IR units for the receiving and sending or IR Commands
  • Free for personal use
  • Pre-configured key commands for a variety of applications including: MCE, WinAmp, Media Player, Digitial Watch, Vision Plus, DigiVision, Zoomplayer, DigiTV, FusionTV and ShowShifter.
  • System Scheduler (sends commands at predefined times)

  • If you use the Enhanced HIP Master Control, the following additional features are available:

  • On-Screen Clock
  • Close/Switch to any running application
  • Run the Screen saver Shutdown your system
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Simple Mouse Movements
  • Help on Assigned Keys
  • HIP Support

    Support for HIP and related products may be found at the Software/Hip Section of the DVB Owners Forum
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