Support for HIP and related products may be found at the Software/Hip Section of the DVB Owners Discussion Forum

COM Controller (Freeware)

Simple COM command control

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COM Controller is a simple comms utility to send sets of pre-set commands via RS-232 to other devices. Up to 4 separate devices may be controlled (via 4 instances of the program).

The program may be controlled directly by HIP or DMX Listener but may also be controlled using standard windows messaging calls.

RS232 Documentation for the device you want to control and the appropriate cabling is required.

COM Commander (Freeware)

Simple COM control

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COM Commander is a simple comms utility to send and view commands to RS-232 devices. The program was designed in particular to allow direct control of devices by the DMX Listener program, but maybe suitable for other purposes as well.

If you want to control a RS232 device, then ComController is recommended.

LCDC Com Server Plugin

Automation server plugin for LCDC

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This LCDC plugin allows you to get and set information from any program that supports Microsoft’s Automation Server protocol. As every program uses this in its own way, information about the syntax is only available from the original vendor. To get you started, I have included a simple example using the iTunes media player. (28 May 2010)
Download File (317K)

Build History
Build (5 Mar 2006) 317K

1308 Downloads in 2012

No Hands (Freeware)

Simple Remote Control Program

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Based on HIP technology, NoHands is a simple control program that can send timed keyboard commands to any application.

This application would commonly be used to create a demonstration mode for a static application. (29 May 2010)
Download File (928K)

Build History
Build (28 May 2010) 822K

1409 Downloads in 2012

CheckScanCode (Freeware)

Keyboard Scan Code Generator

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This is a small utility that displays the scan code for any key press and by clicking on the value copies it to the Clipboard. This utility is designed to test key strokes in HIP. (28 May 2010)
Download File (224K)

Build History
Build (31 Mar 2004) 211K

5961 Downloads in 2012

TestHID (Freeware)

HID Input Test Program

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This is a small utility that allows users of IR HID devices to test as it is used by HIP

This utility requires the HipHID.dll installed with Hip. (28 May 2010)
Download File (377K)

Build History
Build (30 Mar 2005) 310K

2146 Downloads in 2012

ActiveWin (Freeware)

Active Window Details

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This is a small utility that displays all Active Windows and displays their EXE Name, Caption and Class (the latter is used by HIP to restrict output to a particular window). You can also use this to send Windows Messaging commands to selected windows.

CCF Extractor (Freeware)

Extract IR Codes from CCF Files

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This is a small utility that enables you to quickly extract IR codes compatible with some devices (such as the MCE Remote Control) from CCF (Pronto) formatted files.

This version also provides the ability to directly export the codes into IRTrans format REM Files

CCF File are available for download from Remote Central
This software is currently being tested - please send comments to the author and it may not work on all CCF files.